The Home Spa, like an Upscale Hotel

Oceania Air Baths, unique to the market, reproduces a soothing spa like universe at home.

The benefits for the body are numerous, including:

  • skin cleansing
  • muscle relaxation
  • circulatory system stimulation
  • metabolic stimulation
  • soothing the nervous system
  • removal of stress and tension

Oceania goes even further. Experience the Oceania Effect in its absolute uniqueness, system configurations with anywhere from 30 to 72 jets and proprietary technology.

All* models of Oceania baths can be equipped with the Air Bath option.

*Except Influence Freestanding Baths

Air Baths or Whirlpools?

You can find hydromassage systems on the market commonly called "whirlpools" or (“Jacuzzi’s”) and “Air Bath” systems. Oceania has chosen to develop and perfect Air Bath technology because it is:

  • more hygienic: Oceania “air channels” are exclusively equipped with humidity sensors and a backup drying cycle that negate any possibility of bacteria being formed; also, Oceania’s industry first “Drain Down” channel system empty’s the air channels of all water prior to the drying cycle!
  • quieter: the “super silent” turbine is the quietest in the industry. If necessary, it can easily be remote mounted up to 12 feet from the bath, for example: in a closet, cabinet, attic or basement
  • easier to clean: Easy Clean, flush to the surface, hot-air jets make cleaning simple and fast.

Configurations that skillfully fashion a harmonious union of intensity, warmth and relaxation

Oceania engineering has strategically placed the air jets on its baths for the maximum soothing and therapeutic effect.

All Air Bath systems come with an electronic touch keypad to adjust the duration and intensity of the massage.

Comfort AirTM
Therapeutic Air Bath system with 32 to 60 Easy Clean flush hot-air jets. Includes automatic drying cycle without humidity sensors. (Available in North America only.)

Therapeutic Air Bath system 30 to 60 Easy Clean flush hot-air jets placed strategically on the lower perimeter of the bath. Includes humidity sensors, Oceania exclusive SuperSilent turbine with 600 watt heating element and back-lit keypad.

Super AeroMassageTM
Inludes the AeroMasage System plus 12 Easy Clean flush hot-air jets strategically located on the bottom of the bath.

Discover the advanced technology of Oceania’s Air Bath systems.

Would you like to combine the benefits of a massage with those of chromatherapy? With Oceania, it is possible!